[.who am I.]

This is a blog about a girl.

Me when I started this blog


My name is not important, really, because I am trying to write this blog for people who are going through the same thing as myself – and if my family or friends are interested in reading this, they will already know my name, right?

I am twenty-two years old, the epitome, I’d say, the height of a person’s lifetime, when one feels like they can do or be anything.

I am a graduate student in Counseling Psychology in Leiden, The Netherlands, I guess a bit far away from my hometown – Kiev, Ukraine. I got my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Communication from an American university in Madrid, Spain I know it’s a strange combination, but, I reckon, as you read on, you will see that my life is a plethora of strange combinations that collapse in on themselves and unfold into the weird personality of who I am today.

I dabble in a lot of things, writing, of course, hence me starting a blog for the cathartic qualities of it; I used to take vocal lessons that not only gave me something to do, they made me feel much more in control – don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing at this point, but I find that standing on stage gives me a new perspective on life – and people.

Like any self-absorbed teenager, I am a passionate Instagrammer and a music aficionado. I try to do visual art through Photoshop and occasional painting – I suck at the latter but then again, catharsis, I suppose? And hey, Picasso’s stuff isn’t really… erm, what one would call art at first glance, right?

IMG_7293I am also passionate about tattoos and piercings. 

I am obsessed with good TV shows. Which are hard to find. Sherlock. Mad Men. Humans. Designated Survivor. How to Get Away with Murder. 

I am also a big fan of anime. Yeah, those weird-ass Japanese cartoons.

My guilty movie pleasures include Titanic (because Leo is so pretty when he dies in that icy water) and Inception (not guilty per se, but I am aware some people, read: most people, have issues with it for a reason unknown).

I enjoy cooking even though I cannot fumble my way around the kitchen too well, and I am best at baking. I love cooking stuff for others, but when it comes to feeding myself, I always go for the quicker, and cheaper, option (which, in this case, is not the best idea, but what can you do?).

My favorite foods that I have not been entirely successful at erasing from my diet when I went on my suicide missions are pizza, sushi, chocolate ice-cream cones and peanut butter. All nice and calorie-heavy, right? Wrong. You have no idea how smart and sneaky people like myself can be when it comes to cutting nutrients.

What irritates me the most, outside of my current situation, of course, are people who think they’re all that when in reality they have no idea what they’re talking about. I am also very strict when it comes to bad grammar, horrible fiction (sorry, Stephanie and E.L. James) and bad music. And attention hoarding.

I lick the underside of the foil top when eating a pot of yogurt. I sing in weird places. And I hate it when others join it. My worst habit is being a perfectionist about everything. I hate Christmas. I love the English language, it’s my favorite out of the six that I speak. My biggest peeve is not having my iTunes library organized.

The biggest lie I tell people is that I don’t care. My second biggest is that I’m okay.

I am most proud of being a Rescue Scuba Diver and knowing CPR. Because believe it or not, I would like to save a life one day.

But maybe it won’t be through CPR.


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  1. You are well on your way to reach your goals! Someone like yourself need not ever doubt themselves.

    6 languages?! Damn.



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