Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol

So I’m a senior in college and I have been practically dry for the past three years. Yep. I had one margarita (which was absolutely terrible) at a hotel bar in the Dominican last summer and maybe one sip of wine at Christmas. That’s it.

Why don’t I drink?

Well, given the fact that I use this blog to talk about my issues with eating disorders, it may not come as a surprise that I first stopped drinking because it was just empty calories – and that terrified me. Plus, my Freshman Fifteen had been accompanied by excessive drinking (and might have contributed to it as well). So, when I went on my first diet, I cut out alcohol as well.


But then came the anorexia. And I realized that even if I wanted to, I couldn’t drink: due to my dramatic weight loss I was no longer capable of holding my liquor. To the point of one glass of wine making me act like I was high on acid.

Somewhere between regaining weight and trying to live a healthy life, I realized something else: I was a control freak. Surprise, surprise, I guess. And this was when the rest of my issues with alcohol sort of clicked into place: I don’t like to drink because it makes me lose control. Even a little, even if it’s slurred speech or lack of balance or thinking that I can bust a move like Jagger, I hate it. Why should I do the things I wouldn’t normally do because of some fermented sugar?

Then I started observing my friends while they drank. I saw their hangovers the next morning. And I realized, you know what? It’s not worth it.

Now, I’m not a raging anti-alcohol activist. People have fun the way they want to. In some cultures, alcohol is a huge deal, a way of social bonding. That’s fine.

But I think I’d rather spend a nice evening sober than a morning hunched over the toilet bowl.


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  1. This cracked me up because I just told my T the other day that I needed a good stiff drink but I can’t even have a drink. I don’t drink alcohol. Mostly because my parents were alcoholics but also for another reason. I asked if she knew why? She just stared at me. I started to laugh. Calories. Alcohol is packed with calories and breaks every rule. She smiled back that it’s a good thing I don’t drink but not because of the calories.


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