[.progressivity (is not a word).]

So, dear readers, I am back. It is 2014 and currently Spring semester here in Madrid. Which means I am back to attending class at university, trying to build social relationships, and dun dun duuuun… regain weight. Yeah, still

Apparently holidays at home have done nothing for me, for I am still in my skeletal 38-kilo glory. And I really want to stop looking like a five-year-old and am taking appropriate measures. 


is a new passion of mine. Yeah, I realised it’s kind of silly to expect other people to feed me, seeing as, well, there is nobody around most of the time, and my modest student income only allows to go to restaurants just so many times a month. Therefore, it was up to my mom and I to get me back in the cooking circuit – and get back I did. 

If you’re following me on Instagram, then you’re probably already sick of my constant food posts but you know what? I don’t care. I have discovered that I genuinely enjoy seeing how ingredients work together, what I can do with leftovers in the fridge, and how to prepare healthy and filling meals not only for myself but for the people I care about. 


Exibit A: rosemary potatoes. A recipe my mom and I discovered and perfected over the winter holidays – a fantastic solution for those who can’t eat a lot (like myself). Nice and fragrant, and goes with every meal. 

These babies are so easy to make – just slice up the potatoes, salt them, but them on a baking sheet and put rosemary over it together with spices of your choice (and salt, I love salt). And then bake at 200C for 45 minutes. Done. 

So, so easy. 

I have discovered a new charm in spices – they can make anything better. 



Another wonderful discovery I made was sweet potatoes – I have never tried those before but oh my god are they delicious. 



And don’t even get me started on pumpkins. 


As you can see, I am pretty much a health freak at this point – which doesn’t mean low calorie, no sir. I am so done with counting. So. Done. 

There is something wonderfully fulfilling in eating a meal you have prepared yourself – it kind of makes you feel accomplished, and it makes the food taste so much better, because we all know that success is the best spice in the world. 

I want to carry on cooking for myself and for others and experiment in new different ways, because oh my god, food is great. 

This has been a totally indulgent post aimed to boast my culinary prowess. 



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