People have been asking me what’s going on in Ukraine. To be honest, I only know what I read in the news (most of which is, pardon my French, complete bullsh*t) and what my friends and family back home tell me. 

The rundown is that our government promised to sign an association agreement with the EU in order to facilitate Ukraine’s trade with them and also to (possibly) pave the way to European integration for our nation – which is what most people wanted and what our President and Prime-Minister promised for a very long time, dangling the proverbial carrot in front of us. 

Several days before the Vilnyus Summit, where the agreement was to be signed, they went back on their promise. Thus started Euromaidan, a rally for integration amassing thousands of people all over the country. 

It took a different turn when the special police force was mobilised and hundreds of peaceful strikers were injured by them. Again, they did not provoke the police – the “Berkut” force attacked first.

Now Euromaidan is a rally against the government. Now it’s turned into a full-blown revolution. The problem is, is that the opposition lacks leadership. We have no idea where this is going but nevertheless hundreds of thousands of my fellow countrymen are standing up for what they believe in – a better, brighter future. 

‪#‎euromaidan‬ ‪#‎евромайдан‬ ‪#‎євромайдан‬



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