[.ukrainian in madrid.]

This is going to be a very brief, very self-serving, vain post. You have been warned.

I had a photoshoot. A great girl from my university – also Ukrainian, – agreed to take pictures of me and this weekend we went to a gorgeous park in Madrid and did it.

Of course, I had my doubts – my vyshyvanka, the traditional Ukrainian dress shirt that I was wearing, was way too big for me, and I was worried about how I would turn out on the photos. Would I look sickly? Skinny? Would the camera add those hallowed ten pounds?

After I looked at the finished product, though, I was more than satisfied. Amazed. Confident.

Turns out that beyond the skeletal little girl I have made myself into, there is still a young woman with enough joie de vivre to communicate through the lens. Turns out I can still look good in pictures – this semester I’ve been very self-conscious about each and every one.

This was an amazing self-esteem boost and I recommend it to anyone going through body image issues. You are beautiful. You know that. But if you need a little proof, take a couple of pictures. The camera doesn’t lie.

Photos by Valerie Sidelkivska.

Edited by me.



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