The Weight of Weight

Our worlds are intensely focused on our appearance. Not just the usual, evil world of advertising and social media and all that; but also, our other worlds – our social world, our family world, and, probably most importantly, our internal world. What happens in our heads when we lose weight is confusing. The social significance... Continue Reading →


Beauty Within (Cliché, I Know)

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now, years, actually, but I never got round to doing it because 1) I'm lazy and 2) I'm lazy. But this time, I am going to take an honest stab at it and take off my chest what I came up with in my semi-meditative... Continue Reading →

Comfort Food

A lot of people who have never had an encounter with eating disorders labor under the misconception that having one is about food. That it's about calories, trans fats, and the act of eating. The reality, though, is entirely different from that. Anorexia, on the surface, is about being skinny. So is bulimia. Binge-eating is... Continue Reading →

Putting Yourself Down: Don’t.

We live in a day and age where criticism is widely available. If anything, we crave it even more than we get it – we post our achievements and adventures on social media and expect feedback. If our pictures get ignored, yielding no reaction whatsoever, we feel neglected. Angry, even. How dare nobody react? Even negative... Continue Reading →

Frozen: Anxiety vs Fear

I am privileged enough to say that I only recently discovered that I have never experienced true fear until this week. Now that I think about it, all the things I've been afraid of, really, have been anxieties. Anxiety is an unsettling, uncomfortable feeling that, for me, lives somewhere around my midriff and presses into my lungs... Continue Reading →

But Wasn’t It Better Before?

When you study psychology, you keep monitoring yourself. At first, it's scary because every single disorder you learn about seems to apply. Then it's fascinating. Then it becomes automatic. I can geek out about psychology for days, but I'll try to funnel it down to the bare essentials here for those who aren't like me... Continue Reading →

Sorry About What Happened

So this has been on my mind lately. Probably because of Timehop, this funky app that lets you see what you posted a year, two, three ago, on this very date. Every morning, a teasing little bubble emerges over the app's icon, reminding me that I need a quick refresher of how screwed up my... Continue Reading →


Well, first of all, I am officially healthy. Body-wise. After moving to my new home in Leiden, The Netherlands (not Holland, never just Holland), I immediately ransacked the internet for a good gym and came across one which used the same technology as the one I went to in Madrid. Naturally, when the trainer asked me whether... Continue Reading →

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